Ryan Erickson

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I first got into carpentry doing pre-season dock repairs and pitching in with the renovations at a remote fishing lodge. After a few summers at the lodge I decided to pursue carpentry full time and completed my apprenticeship through The College of New Caledonia in Prince George, BC. 

As a third year apprentice I started on a large commercial concrete job for the first time and really started soaking up the knowledge. I was a sponge. Every foreman wanted me. After about a year, my name came up as a good candidate for learning the fine art of construction surveying, so I jumped at the opportunity. Haven't looked back. Happy to have found my niche as a Layout Guy and I'm very proud to be part of some amazing projects and crews. 
My claim to fame is the structural glulam install at the BC Cancer Center For The North and being a founding member of D.L.T (Dream Layout Team). 
I'm also a self proclaimed Door Hardware Master and I over use the phrase "If you don't know knots, tie lots. "

I love being  part of the culture at TCF and really enjoy working in a family first environment.   Super excited for our current growth and for the amazing opportunities coming in the future for our crews.