Ian Kula

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I started my construction career in 2005 as a labourer. In 2007 I began my Carpentry Apprenticeship, and completed 1st and 2nd year back to back at VIU in Duncan. I had worked primarily on commercial concrete until 2009 when I shifted over to residential work. In 2013 I joined Local 1598, and made a transition back to commercial work. I completed my apprenticeship by taking 3rd and 4th year back to back in 2014 at Camosun College. Shortly after getting my Red Seal, I won the 2014 BCRCC Apprenticeship Contest, and was runner up at the 2014 UBC National Apprenticeship Contest. I've worked in Victoria for 15+ years with many great contractors including: Campbell, Farmer, Knappett, HD Form, Dutchman's Carpentry, and TCF. My career has had a wide variety of work experiences like: fine architectural finishing, cabinet shop with CNC router, heritage restorations, tilt up construction, and providing layout on major projects.